5th- 7th July | 12th -14th July


3 days of Awesomeness
🎨 👾 powered by GPT-3 💻 🤖
For the curious and ambitious ages 11-15

Limited to 12 spots per Bootcamp

This Bootcamp is for:

  • Those passionate about technology or avid gamers! 👾

  • The curious to know more about Artificial Intelligence! 💡

  • The Creatives who want to supercharge their imagination! 🔋

  • Those who want to play with some of the latest tech and an awesome community 🚀

  • Those who have some coding experience

"AI is the new electricity ⚡️"

Unleash your creativity by learning to build an Artificial Intelligence helper and collaborate creatively with the ultimate imagination assistant.Unlock the possibilities of OpenAI's GPT-3 and express yourself like never before, solve important problems, and create amazing adventures through learning to code AI.

How does the Mindjoy Bootcamp work?

Limited to 12 spots per Bootcamp

  • Reserve a spot by completing the ✍️ Sign-up Form.

  • Hop on a Zoom Call with a laptop/desktop, headphones and your sense of wonder! 💻

  • Join us for 2 hours per day for 3 days of coding fun and see if you can hack an 🤖 AI to create all kinds of crazy things.

Why is AI Education Important?

AI technologies are becoming more embedded in our daily lives by the minute. You‘ve probably used AI and Machine Learning algorithms in more ways than you imagine.Think: filters on social media (through object recognition), talking directly to devices (like Alexa or Siri), finding a movie to watch on Netflix or machine vision in self-driving cars.Understanding how AI works is empoweringing. Know how to build with AI is superpower.